Monday, May 10, 2010

Stick a Fork in me. Cut down EBRs

So I got a great deal on a set of black EBR hydros a wile ago... that or I got them for free, I don't really remember. The nice fella that hooked me up with them, made a cut in an attempt to shorten them, only to find that they would end up being a heep of work to deal with. He passed em on to me knowing I have an affinity for wayward parts.

The original cuts that lead to me receiving the forks.
Weld a flared nut into the fork tube upside down..
Grind down the extra weld, fill em with fluid, put in the new bolt, and your done. No way to get the spring out now, but I can still fill and change the fluid as I please. Not to shabby for some cheap as free forks. Should note however that shortening the tubes without shorting the springs did stiffen em up a bit.


  1. Nice bravo.

    I found the front brake cable end as soon as you left. oops.

  2. so are you building a bravo or a si, i'm confused

  3. Phil, Ill Fork-give you if you do.
    Brad, Im building a Bravo, but untill then the SI is my test bed.
    Graham, It vespa teck time, lets blow it wide open. Im stoked.